About us

We are a proud veteran owned business based in the Bundaberg region, servicing the entire country. We are dedicated to supporting our mates, through our services, our donations to causes we believe in and the strong connections we build in the community, both defence and civi.

Military Life - Paul's Story

I grew up in a military family, with my dad serving in both the British and New Zealand Armies before settling in Australia. I joined the army in 1996 as a reservist but before long was bitten by the green bug and transferred to ARA in 2000.

During my time I was deployed multiple times throughout the Middle East, Solomon Islands, and even got to float about on a navy boat off Christmas Island for a few months looking for boat people and enjoying the view from the Golden Bosun tavern. Unfortunately I was medically discharged in 2019.

Life is much quieter these days with my time spent gardening, raising our daughter and getting in the way of Martina running our small business. Knowing that we can do something to help those still serving or retired brings me a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of still being there for my mates regardless of what service they served in.

Meet your Mates


Warehouse + Delivery + Maintenance Awesome Dad + Husband | Ex Army


Design + Marketing + Sales + Printing Amazing Mum + Wife | Ex Army Wife


CEN (Chief Executive Nagger)
Student | Ex Army Brat

Odin + Brock

Security Detail

Design Life - Martina's Story

In semester two of my last year of high school, I decided I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, to be honest I didn’t even know what a Graphic Designer did but it sounded cool. After talking to my art teacher and enlisting his help, I worked my butt off to pick up my grades (I HATED art) and whipped up a portfolio. I was soon accepted to TAFE fully motivated to become just that, one year later I was a fully fledged graphic designer, graduating in the top three of the class.

Over the years I worked in design studios, print houses, signage shops and promo companies living and loving every moment of it. I quickly moved up the ranks from pre press artist, to junior & mid weight designer to senior designer and now creative director. Over the course of my career I’ve worked with many clients including start-ups to large organisations, more recently I have been lucky enough to work alongside the marketing teams for McDonald’s, Surf Life Saving, GHD, Qantas and Victoria University (yup, I just name dropped!) among many others.

These days I run three businesses from home as well as work full time, a Director/CMO of The Veterans Daughter and just became a Rural Fire Fighter volunteer. Life is pretty hectic for our little family, but I truly believe that the work Paul and I are doing is our way of giving back to our community, our mates and leaving a legacy for our daughter.


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